The Sudochemist is a fully-automated, end-to-end platform for generic synthesis, isolation, and testing of chemical compounds.

The Sudochemist offers a more optimal data driven solution to problems in synthetic chemistry than the traditional approach. The Sudochemist represents an evolution in chemistry and the last field to embrace:
automation. It transforms the human role, which has remained unchanged since the era of the Alchemist.

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Changing the roles of chemist

OUR Passionate TEAM

Alexandra (ALEX) Shamir

CEO, CO-Founder

Alex Shamir is a Chemist that is masked as a mechanical engineer, product manager, and computational scientist. She is currently pursuing her
master's degree at the University of Utah in science and technology, specifically Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. She fell in love with Organic Chemistry when researching at Georgia Institute of Technology at 15
years old. Afterward, she obtained a B.S. in chemistry with an emphasis in business from the University of Utah. During her time at the University of Utah, she was a co-author on 8 publications and on 4 acknowledgments ranging from mechanical engineering, molecular biology, and organic chemistry. Alex has successfully started a bio-medical start-up, Polpystim, where she sits as the CSO. Additionally, she sits on an advisory board for over 30 start-ups. In her free time, Alex loves spending time with her dog, Yofi, traveling, hiking, mountain biking, kiteboarding, surfing, and being in nature.

Nathan fox

CTO, CO-Founder

Nathan Fox is a Computer Scientist turned Chemist currently pursuing his PhD in Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Utah. He began programming at age 12, learning C++ with the intent of automating tasks he
found too banal to perform by hand. After falling in love with Organic Chemistry in high school, he obtained his B.S. in Chemistry from Susquehanna University, spending all of his electives on math courses for which he received honors. Over the course of his time there, Nathan worked on projects ranging from photocatalysis to creating a visualization platform for CERN’s ATLAS collaboration. After a productive undergraduate career involving publication of 5 peer-reviewed papers, Nathan accepted an offer to pursue his Ph.D. at the University of Utah. Under the supervision of Michael Grünwald, Nathan teaches Artificial Neural Networks a potential energy surface as close to the Quantum
Mechanical truth as computationally feasible for the purpose of understanding the degradation of solar cell materials. In his free time, Nathan enjoys skiing, hiking, backpacking, bicycling, and rock climbing in addition to competing at an elite level in powerlifting.

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We are creating a fully-automated, end-to end platform for generic synthesis, isolation, and testing of chemical compounds.


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